History of the swim

Started in 2018, the swim is currently in its 6th year. The swim was created as a fundraising swim to give back to the water based services that serve us here in Galway Bay. While as swimmers we hope we never need their services, we know without a doubt that if the day come where we, or our fellow swimmer need them, they’ll be there for us.

2023 was our best fundraising year, raising over 10,000 euro.

This event is totally voluntary with all the proceeds this year again going to the RNLI & OMCSU. We have been very fortunate in all previous years, that any costs associated with running the events has been covered by local businesses to ensure all proceeds could go directly to these fantastic organisations.

We would like to complement Galway Co. Co. for their continued support of this event.
To ensure the safety of all involved, we shutdown Renville Pier to all cars and boat launches, which would not be possible without approval from Galway Co. Co.

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RNLI Galway

Over the past 5 years, the Galway RNLI Lifeboat Station and crew have benefitted significantly from the extraordinary fundraising efforts of the Atlantic Masters Swimming Club and the hundreds of swimmers who have taken part in the annual swimming event. All of the funds raised by the Atlantic Lifeboat Swim are used to enhance the search and rescue service provided by the Galway RNLI volunteer crewand the Oranmore Maree Coastal Search Unit.

Thanks to the support of the Lifeboat Swim, at the Galway RNLI Lifeboat Station we have been able to:

• Upgrade the IT equipment in our control room

• Purchase additional equipment for the volunteers withLaunch Authority roles who are responsible for co-ordinating the search and rescue calls outs from the station. This equipment includes binoculars and VHF radios.

• Upgrade the dan buoys which are devices used to temporarily mark a position at sea and track the direction of water flow during rescues.

• Purchase additional equipment for training; and

• Plan a bicycle shed to house crew bicycles while out on a shout.

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Oranmore Maree Coastal Search Unit

Established in 2016, OMCSU co-ordinates and assists in coastal searches for casualties within the Galway Bay area. The team is entirely volunteer based and relies on fundraising to purchase equipment and training for all team leaders.

The much needed funds raised through the Atlantic Lifeboat Swim have gone through maintenance and updating support and safety equipment in the past.

More info on OMCSU here